Cameron vows to hunt down IS militant, ‘Jihadi John’


Screen shot 2014-11-17 at 11.38.45.pngBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron, vowed on Friday in London to use all means at his disposal to hunt down militants such as ‘Jihadi John’.
He said hunting him down had become possible following the unmasking of the killer, as a Kuwaiti-born computer programming graduate from London.
Cameron said anybody anywhere in the world who commits appalling and heinous crimes against British citizens would pay for it.
“We will do everything we can, with the police, the security services and use all that we have at our disposal to find these people and put them out of action,” he said.
The black-clad militant brandishing a knife and speaking with an English accent was shown in videos released by Islamic State (IS) apparently decapitating hostages including Americans, Britons and Syrians.
Cameron refused to go into the unmasking of “Jihadi John” as 26-year-old British militant Mohammed Emwazi.
The Prime Minister said people should get behind the security services, which he praised as impressive and dedicated to defending Britain.
Emwazi case has sparked debate about whether the security services let him slip through their grasp to join IS in Syria.
Emwazi, usually dressed entirely in black, a balaclava covering all but his eyes and the bridge of his nose and a holster under his left arm.
He became a menacing symbol of IS brutality and one of the world’s most wanted men.
Report said he used videos to threaten the West, admonish its Arab allies and taunt President Barack Obama and Cameron before petrified hostages cowering in orange jump suits.
Emwazi’s name was first disclosed by the Washington Post.
Two U.S. government sources who spoke on condition of anonymity, said investigators believed Jihadi John was Emwazi.
An account given by Asim Qureshi, Research Director of Cage, `a group that campaigns for those detained on terrorism charges’’ said he was born in Kuwait, Emwazi came to Britain aged 6.
He graduated with a computer programming degree from the University of Westminster before coming to the attention of Britain’s main domestic intelligence service, MI5.
Qureshi told a news conference in London, that Emwazi, a fluent Arabic speaker, said MI5 had tried to recruit him.
He had also claimed that the security organisation then prevented him from travelling abroad, forcing him to leave the country without telling his family.

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