Video: Asa Reveals Losing Virginity At 28


In a rare candid interview, Nigerian top singer Asa has revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 28.

And she quickly added that she was not proud of it.

Asa made the revelation in an interview with Media personality Funmi Iyanda, recorded in 2015. The interview posted on You Tube is now trending at #21.

Asa with Funmi Iyanda during the interview

Asa told her interviewer: “On the day I lost my virginity, I called my manager, Janet to tell her and she was surprised that I was a very late starter. I also called my mum and she didn’t have any advice, she said, “it will be painful at first’, and I was there wondering what she was saying.

“I am ashamed to say I lost my virginity at 28, so don’t clap for me. Perhaps one of the reasons why I lost my virginity that late was because I was shy and somewhere else where I was too focused on my career that I didn’t even think about having sex.”

She also denied being a lesbian.

Watch the video here:


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