1. Energy poverty everywhere…From this expose, one can see reasons why they should scrap this idea of constitutuency project. It hasn’t helped

  2. I’m sure Nigerians don’t know much about this REA who has been getting a whole lot of sums from the yearly budget. Good that you beamed searchlight on them. I agree that many Nigerians in rural areas may never see light with the high rate of project abandonment. The N188bn appropriated to this agency over the years should be probed. Nigeria and lutocracy!

  3. Lagos is too rich to have parts of it unlectrified. I never knew there are communities in Epe Lagos with no electric cables in this 21st century. I must commend The New Diplomat for this investigation

  4. This is one of the best journalism piece, I ve read in a while by the Nigerian media. This should b part of campaign issues for 2019 for residents in rural areas

  5. Yes it will be great if rural dwellers can set agenda for politicians now that they’re all over the place, but how many of them will remember they lack these amenities when politicians come with their cash? The communities must stand up for this


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