1. That guy is not the APC aspirant for the post of house of assembly ooo. Secondly he is indeed telling lies he was even the one constituting nuisance in the electoral process. He ordered boys to allow the entrance of people who decided to vote for him alone into election ground and chase others out.. This he did in Oghara in Agbarha, other wards in Agbarha, orogun, omavowve and others…which created anger in the hearts of others that prompted fights and destruction of electoral materials by all other voters… Which led to the cancellation of the result in those wards including his own home town… He is a big liar, loser.. Infact the same man was buying votes in all poling units with the sum of #200,000. Each to be shared in every polling unit in Agbarha and some big amount of millions he used in buying votes in Orogun. But unfortunately for him the people had their plans to eat his money and vote their choice… Eg in my ward… Agbarha unit 17 APC candidate scored 131, PDP scored..81 , he scored 24, same in other units in owevwe, opherin, saniko and others.. Tell me how can a man with such marks win an election.. He has nothing to say… Let him stop manipulating close to 15 women holding grass dancing and disturbing the town to dance round singing “Omo agege we nor go gree ooo” in Agbarha and later he will say even the people are not in support of the election… Pls the election here was free and fair if u doubt ask him y even the pdp (ruling party here) aren’t complaining… The guy spent a lot of money hoping to recover them wen he wins but God knows what was best for the constituency… Same man who was in APC failed the primary and due to his impure and selfish ambition to must rule defected to Accord in other to contest for the position… Pls help tell him we don’t need him agian


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