How Man Utd’s Young Turks Dazzled Chelsea to 4-0 Defeat!


By Andreas  Hamsberg

It was a puzzling defeat for Chelsea today as Manchester United’s young Turks dribbling skills and combined professional Soccer skill-set, sent Chelsea crumbling down with a devastating 4-0 defeat! The Red Devils as Manchester United fans prefer to call the victorious Club, set out this season with the most historic and biggest win ever in recent history against the The Blues (Chelsea) in the Premier League. It’s a shocking, ruffling and puzzling but most skilful and excellent victory for Man Utd!

But how did the young Turks perform the hash-tag tricks that sent Chelsea crumbling down the hills? Indeed when Man Utd let Lukaku go, many analysts believe that they didn’t just sell the pro for goals but also dribbling experience and goal-scoring assurances. And that left them with a young forward line comprising Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Daniel James. They are the kids in their 20s  whose confidence, skill-set and unmatched confidence gave Man Utd victory today! Reactions have been mixed. While Man Utd fans hail the defeat of Chelsea as expected, The Blue  supporters are kicking! But for now, they have to wait for another day!


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